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Russian (CIS)
 VITYAZ Sports Arena, Podolsk

The VITYAZ Cultural and Sports Arena is one of the best of this kind of high-level facilities in Russia. This modern and multifunctional building, which was designed and constructed by our specialists, has become a perfect fit into the surrounding woodland and is a matter of true pride for Podolsk.

With comfortable conditions both for players and viewers and high level of technical abilities, the Arena have been certified by the KHL (Contintntal Hockey League), whose standards are of the most high ones in the world. When operating as an arena for concerts and special events, it can hold as many as 9,000 people. The VITYAZ Sports Arena can accommodate more than 5,000 guests simultaneously. All this makes it possible to hold international level hockey tournaments in Podolsk.

 Address:63а, Kirova Str., Podolsk, Moscow Region
 Total area:17,500 m² (plot area is 5.1 ha)
 Commencement of works:May, 1999
 Type of works:designing, construction
 Execution period:24 months