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Russian (CIS)
 EHRMANN Dairy Plant

EHRMANN is one of the biggest dairy producers in Europe. In 1998, company decided to construct its first and biggest plant outside Germany. In spite of a disastrous economic crisis in Russia, we have fulfilled all our obligations and the plant was fully operational by 2000.

The EHRMANN plant is a modern, advanced and complicated production with high quality milk processing according to the standards of the Russian Federation and the European Union. Currently, the dairy plant processes 120 mln liters of raw milk per year and exports its products to 13 countries of the former Soviet Union as well as to China and Mongolia.

 Address:RAOS Village, Ramenskiy District, Moscow Region
 Total area:16,800 m²
 Commencement of works:October, 1998
 Type of works:designing, construction
 Execution period:16 months, enlargement of the production facilities by 2,306