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Russian (CIS)
 TsUM Department Store

TsUM is a symbolic historical department store situated in the very heart of Moscow, in the close vicinity to the famous Bolshoi Theatre. It is one of the most complicated and most unique projects in our Collection.

Restricted conditions in the very centre of Moscow and a complicated system of underground pipelines and subterranean river were hampering factors of our challenge to design and construct four underground floors. The project was realized with using the top-down technology and, despite all the difficulties, the building which deserves all its praise, was built in record terms.

Unique reinforced concrete facades, aimed to imitate monolithic stone, which were ordered in Belgium specially for TsUM. We delivered facade panels, each weighing 7 tons, to the city centre, and assembled them onto a sub construction, especially designed by our specialists. There were 130 special trucks engaged in the panel delivery, and traffic traffic in the street was blocked.

Never before Moscow has seen such a construction!

 Address:2, Petrovka Str., Moscow
 Total area:34,000 m²
 Commencement of works:June, 2004
 Type of works:designing, construction
 Execution period:24 months