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Russian (CIS)

During 20 years of work, PSP-FARMAN Holding have got great experience in various construction fields, used modern technologies and our own know-hows.

  • Designing and construction of unique industrial, sports and civil objects.
  • Incremental launching of steel bridges for multifunctional pedestrian overpasses above railway stations.
  • Key-ready designing and construction of various hypermarkets.
  • Object construction under difficult narrow conditions of city center.
  • Construction of objects meeting the special requirements of Centrobank.
  • Designing and construction of cold stores with temperature down to –25oС.
  • Designing and construction of ice fields for sports facilities.
  • Designing and assembling of engineering and security systems in complex; adjustment of managing systems to various technical requirements.
  • Producing of large stained glass systems of domestic and imported profiles; producing of curved stained glass windows under unique technology.
  • Producing and assembling of various fa?ade systems of any geometric shapes and various materials.
  • Producing of reinforced concrete floors with case-hardening under high standards for vertical deviations for high-rack warehouses.
  • Construction of landing stages with lift platforms, roller gates and molded concrete for heavy trucks.
  • Construction of buildings and other objects under the top&down technology which allows to combine construction of a multi-level underground parking and construction of a high-rise building in one project.

    The top&down technology allows to start construction of underground and overground parts of an object nearly simultaneously. It makes possible to build ceiling between ground and first floors and then to construct in two directions – up and down. This method determines the technology’s name.

BEXEL software, common corporate database and complex accounting system, allow us to control work of all the departments operatively as well as to control procurement and efficient consumption of building materials.

As a multifunctional organization with well-established department structure, PSP-FARMAN Holding combines the functions of all construction process participants such as a developer, a customer, a general designer, a general contractor, a technical customer, a supplier and a producer of materials and equipment, an operating organization, etc. It improves the work efficiency significantly and simplifies interaction between all the structures under the project realization.

The Holding’s services can be provided in complex as well as selectively.