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Russian (CIS)

Work Package Management on construction is provided with implementation of new BEXEL software, thus saving costs maximally and reducing construction terms.

The BEXEL software is a computer intelligence which helps to manage processes of designing, construction and upkeep of building as well as makes these processes open for a customer as much as possible in online format.

Functions of BEXEL during design and construction period

  • Transformation of design drawings in 3D images and graphic representation of the object for all process participants from investors to operating organization.
  • Synchronization and control over all the sections of design documentation.
  • Choosing of the most effective way of building and installation work realization on the basis of computer designing and comparison of cost and term parameters.
  • Costing construction in accordance with confirmed costs or the Russian TSN database or the European DIN database.
  • Formation, consolidation and optimization of all work realization diagrams in accordance with financing schedule; automatic correction of all diagrams in case of one of them is changed.
  • Unforeseen condition appearance modulation and correction of the accounts for these conditions.
  • Providing exact calculation of the volumes for all types of works in 5D format (3D + costs + time) and plan-fact analyze.
  • Making recommendation on work optimization with consideration of current realization.
During object exploitation process, BEXEL
  • Analyzes operating costs.
  • Creates a model of operating of engineering systems which reflect in real time.
  • Forms a common database of all task elements.
  • Provides analyze of building’s elements under choosing parameters.
  • In case of correction of building’s elements, reflects it in 3D model.

Using informational modeling of an object at all the stages of the process, we have improved quality of design and construction, reduced unexpected expenses and construction prime cost.