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Russian (CIS)


  • Drawing development in accordance with a current design stage (project or engineering documentation) in strict compliance with the requirements of all construction standards and regulations being in force in the Russian Federation territory.
  • Doordination of the project’s sections.
  • Norm verification by the controller and the General Engineer.
  • Drawing correction in case of any amendments or additions.
  • Drawing registration in a special database allowing to indicate at any moment which project drawings are in progress, which ones have been issued and are in use, which ones have been cancelled or replaced.


  • Project approval by the client and the investor.
  • Approval by all the appropriate state services and organizations.
  • Receiving an approval from the State Expertise.

Issue of design documentation

  • Delivery of the design documentation to archive and archive number assignment to the drawings.
  • Delivery of the drawings to the technical customer and receiving the “Released to Construction” stamp.
  • Issuing of the working drawings to the contractors and for the construction site.
  • Delivery of the design project to the customer and the investor in a paper form or in an electronic form.

Field supervision and as-built documentation

  • Field supervision providing by PSP-FARMAN specialists.
  • Amending the working drawings at the constructions site in accordance to GOST (All-Union State Standard).
  • Issuing of the as-built documentation in strict accordance with the object constructed, meeting all the requirements of actual standards and regulations.

Efficient interaction between the construction field and the Design Department in combination with using of advanced computer technologies allows to save time and recourses, to avoid design mistakes, and to create high-quality design production.