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According to the results of work with the SuperJob portal “PSP Farman” LLC company was recognized as "attractive employer - 2012 " and "attractive employer - 2013"


President of the portal
A.N. Zakharov

JSC "Gratis"

In the period from May 2008 up to the present “PSP Farman” LLC is running design and construction of multi-storey residential complex with social and engineering infrastructure which has a total area of more than 400,000 square meters - "Odincovskiy Park" , located to the west of Moscow in the Odintcovo district, Moscow region . In addition to residential buildings the complex will include multifunctional shopping centers, a kindergarten, a school , a multilevel parking, etc.

In addition to the design and construction, an important function of " PSP-Farman " LLC is to manage the entire spectrum of work on this project , including the development and implementation of the methodology of organization, planning , management, and coordination of human and material resources throughout the project life cycle to ensure the effective achievement of its goals through the application of modern methods, techniques and management technologies to achieve the certain project results in terms of the scope of works , costs, time , and quality.

The main competitive advantage of " PSP-Farman" company is using of up-to-date "BEXEL" - Project Management system, which allows to run the construction project starting from the design till commissioning, efficiently and flexibly respond to changes and additions to the project , which at early stage allows to avoid the construction works to be done not in accordance with project documentation.

During the work " PSP-Farman " LLC showed itself as a reliable partner, who fulfills his obligations towards the customer under the terms of the contract.. All works are being performed with high quality, using modern materials and technologies.


General manager
Podlegaev S.A.


In the period from August 2003 to September 2005 (the time opening first boutiques ) "PSP-Farman" LLC carried out the design and the construction of multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex having a total area of over 80,000 square meters, - the "Barvikha Luxury Village", located 8th Km distance from Rublevo Uspenskoye Shosse, Moscow. There are numerous banks, offices, showrooms, boutiques, gourmet restaurants, hotel and the unique concert hall within the territory of the complex.

Acting as the General contractor at this facility, "PSP-Farman" LLC successfully executed the function of control over the compliance with the norms and requirements of current legislation. The company effectively cooperated with subcontractors involved, coordinating their activities in order to control the construction technology used and avoid downtime and losses, thereby provide both supply of building materials and equipment to the Object and successful commissioning of the Object in the terms established by the Contract.

During the work the "PSP-FARMAN" LLC showed itself as a reliable partner, fulfilling its obligations under the terms of the contract to the customer.

The management of "Regent Standard "LLC would like to thank the staff of the "PSP-Farman" LLC sincerely for promptly and high quality work performed on construction at Moscow Region, Odintcovskiy district, d.Barviha, d.114, p.2, (Barvikha Luxury Village).


General manager
Sturova E.V.

Adjaye Assiciates

30th June 2011

Dear Dejan Dedijer,

As requested we are writing to formally thank you for your great work on realising the Moscow School of Management

If you are looking to publish an official statement by Adjaye Associates, we can offer the following:

"PSP Farman was the main contractor for the School of Managemet of Skolkovo, which has been designed by Adjaye Associates. PSP Farman has been responsible for the constraction works of the whole project, which included the development in transition of our design proposal into detail and contraction drawings. Our design contained a lot ambitious ideas, which had to be translated into an actual building: large glazing, facades made of at least 40 different sized parallelogram shaped elements, 30m wide cantilevered 5 storey buildings...just to name a few. PSP Farman managed to deliver all of these challenges. We are very pleased with the result and can certainly recommend them for the construction of outstanding projects."

Best regards,


David Adjaye
Adjaye Assiciates

AlexKravetzDesign Ltd.


18th October 2011

This is a Letter of Reference for the Construction Company PSP Farman based in Moscow, Russia.

PSP Farman has successfully performed work on the construction of the Intercontinental Hotel Tverskaya in Moscow. I have personally worked with most Senior Managers and foremen on site during the construction of the projects and experienced a very positive and transparent communication thoughout the Project. PSP Farman has delivered all aspects of their expertise starting from the construction documentation development to the actual implementation of the entire fit out of the Hotel. Their choice of supplementary consultants as well as their subcontractors was extremely high quality and detail oriented. This resulted in the smooth running of the coordination as well as the installation on site which in turn allowed us all to concentrate on the quality delivery of the design package. I am happy to say that PSP Farman is one of the finest contractors with whom I have worked during my career.

PSP Farman is a service oriented company and they will always go the extra mile to assure a satisfied investor, operator as well as the design team.

I would confidently recommend PSP Farman to any potential clients.


Alexander Kravetz
AlexKravetzDesign Ltd.
London, England

According to the results of work with SuperJob portal in 2011 company OOO "PSP-Farman" LLC company was recognized as "attractive employer - 2011"


President of the portal
A.N. Zakharov

MIRAX GROUP Corporation

For a long time, OOO PSP-FARMAN has been in cooperation with ZAO MIRAX-CITY in the constructing of the Zapad tower in the Federation Tower Complex of Moscow International Business Centre Moskva City on Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya.

OOO PSP-FARMAN has won a tender and now is performing the FIT-OUT tasks according to our order (decoration, interiors and inner engineering).

In terms of cooperation of OOO PSP-FARMAN Company with ZAO MIRAX-CITY, high qualification of the company staff has been displayed.

During all the period of the construction Ehrmannworks, the OOO PSP-FARMAN specialists demonstrated the ability to solve the most complex project, engineering and monitoring tasks arising while the constructing of such an object. Thanks to their efforts, it has become possible to perform the construction in due terms and with high quality.

The experience of cooperation of ZAO MIRAX-CITY with OOO PSP-FARMAN Company can confirm that the company mentioned is a high quality professional European-level company.


A. Aramyan
Corporation Vice President

OOO Hochland Russland

We hereby confirm that Hochland Russland Company has performed the construction projects in cooperation with PSP-FARMAN as a general contractor:

  • the formation of industrial warehouses for our company on the basis of the premises rented from Ehrmann Company in RAOS Village in Ramensky District of Moscow Region in 2000
  • the construction of our processed cheese plant in RAOS Village (building area is about 12,000 sq m) in 2002–2003
  • the substantial enlargement of our plant in 2007

During the long-term cooperation, we had a possibility to make sure in professional qualification of the PSP-FARMAN as regards both designing, performance of construction works and in receiving all necessary permissions from the government bodies influencing the construction.

We would like to emphasize specially the spirit of partnership formed between our companies during our cooperation.


U. Marshner
General Director

OOO Hochland Russland

PSP-FARMAN acted as a general contractor for designing and restoration of a part of the EHRMAN AG plant in RAOS Village, Moscow Region.

During the entire construction period, we were constantly satisfied with the quality of the work performed.

In particular, we would like to emphasize that PSP-FARMAN provided complex project management – receiving of all the licenses and permits for our plant that is critically important achieve success in a project in Russia.


Friendly greetings,
OOO Hochland Russland
Ulrich Marschner
General Director


PSP-FARMAN, Moscow, Russia, acted as a general contractor for designing and restoration of our new plant in RAOS Village, Moscow Region. We have been constantly satisfied with the performance of our order and with results.

The effective cooperation experience approves that PSP-FARMAN is a competent partner in this project and with the results.


Friendly greetings,
Alois Ehrmann


During 2005–2007, OOO PSP-FARMAN designed and constructed the distribution and storage complex in 3 Novoorlovskaya Str., Moscow, for OOO RULOG. The general building area is 6,907 sq m.

In the project mentioned, OOO PSP-FARMAN acted as a general designer and general contractor.

During the project realization, the high quality of designing, construction, assembling and decoration was performed. All the requirements and wishes of the customer regarding the construction were performed in due terms and were of high quality.

All the works concerning the project performance were done according to the regulations and standards of the Russian Federation.

The management staff is very high qualified and is ready to react flexibly to changing of construction conditions, thus providing quality of the works required by the customer.


B. Makarov
General Director of OOO Rulog

OOO RemSportStroy

OOO RemSportStroy has been in a long-term cooperation with OOO PSP-FARMAN and knows it as reliable and decent partner.

OOO PSP-FARMAN is performing design, construction and assembly works for the residential building with underground parking in 21–23 Petrovsky bulvar, in the centre of Moscow, on our order. All the works are performed strictly according to the required standards and regulations. Engineering staff of the company is highly qualified and meets all the construction requirements.

The document is given as a recommendation for prolongation of the licence for construction and assembly.


S. Podlegaev
General Director

Kulturny Tsentr STD RF

In 2005–2006, OOO PSP-FARMAN performed the key-ready construction of the elite residential building in 20 Korobeynikov pereulok, Moscow, for Kulturny Tsentr STD RF. According to the general contract, the design was also made by OOO PSP-FARMAN.

All the works were made by OOO PSP-FARMAN with excellent quality in the compact historic centre in due terms and according to all the regulations and construction standards. The entire construction process was organised with application of modern construction technologies.

Management personnel and employees of OOO PSP-FARMAN are characterized with high qualification and ambitiousness that provides high quality of the works and their organization according to the world standards.

As regards partnership with OOO PSP-FARMAN, it can be classified as a company that keeps the word given, creates no problem for the partners and solves all the tasks.

Kulturny Tsentr STD RF is going to cooperate closely with OOO PSP-FARMAN in realization of prospective construction projects.


A. Nesterov
General Director

ZAO ASK Zhilaya Sreda

In 2004–2005, according to the order of ZAO ASK Zhilaya Sreda, OOO PSP-FARMAN performed designing and construction of, and put into operation a residential building in 10 Bolshoy Palashevsky pereulok, Moscow.

All the contract obligations on the construction of the mentioned residential building were performed. According to the order of ZAO ASK Zhilaya Sreda, OOO PSP-FARMAN Company as a general contractor has been performing the construction of the Office Centre with the underground parking in 7/11 Novokuznetskaya Str., in the centre of Moscow.

All the works are performed by OOO PSP-FARMAN in strict accordance with the contract and construction standards and regulations.

The staff is qualified enough to provide high quality of construction and assembly works according to the world standard.

ZAO ASK Zhilaya Sreda is going to cooperate closely with OOO PSP-FARMAN in the field of design and construction.


M. Chervyakov
Chief Executive Officer


In 1997–2000, PSP-FARMAN performed the key-ready construction of fast food enterprises for McDonald’s – McDonald’s restaurants. During the period mentioned, there were five McDonald’s enterprises put into operation in:

  • 90/2 Volokolamskoe shosse, Moscow
  • 50 Svobody Str., Yaroslavl
  • 31/2 Marshala Zhukova prospekt, Moscow
  • 77/2 Butyrskaya Str., Moscow
  • 5A Grina Str., Moscow

At present, a McDonald’s restaurant is being constructed in 2 Obrucheva Str., Moscow.

During all the period of cooperation, PSP-FARMAN has recommended itself as a company capable not only to perform design at all the stages, key-ready construction and putting into operation of the contract objects approved by the State Approbation Commission in due time, to perform works of high quality and according to the standards and regulations, but to solve urgently all problems under construction process.

We acknowledge PSP-FARMAN Company as a reliable partner that fulfils all taken obligations and meets customers’ requirements.


P. Danilovich
Construction Director

Russian Federation Ministry for Physical Culture and Sports

expresses gratitude to PSP-FARMAN for the construction and putting into operation the Vityaz Ice Palace in Podolsk, Moscow Region.


B. Ivanyuzhenkov

Moscow Industrial Bank

During the last five years, PSP-FARMAN is the main partner of AKB Moscow Industrial Bank in restoration, renovation and installation of premises of the Bank and its branches.

While performing works in the seven sites, the company have demonstrated the high level of design and high quality of construction works, installed the special bank equipment, furniture and other devices for the management of the Bank and its branches.

Company administration strictly follows the principles partnership relations. In the conditions of economic and financial difficulties of Russia, it allows to solve arising conflicts and contradictions.


V. Katunin
First Vice President

The State Space Scientific and Industrial Centre named after M. Khrunitchev (SSSIC). Spacecraft plant (SPP)

According to the contracts with SPP of SSSIC named after M. V. Khrunitchev, TOO Firma PSP performed construction and restoration of buildings and structures in 1994–1995.

All the works were performed on the high managerial and technical level with good quality and in due terms.

We have no pretensions towards TOO Firma PSP.


V. Antipkin