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Management company

Organization and control over construction processes

I. Scheduling of works

  • Scheduling of designing, construction and funding, reuniting them into a single management control model of all the construction works on basis of the BEXEL software.

II. Design optimization

  • Issuance of work documentation in 3D format.
  • Creating of actual solid model.
  • Preparing of consolidated documentation of material specification and control over its execution.

III. Construction management

  • Approval of contractors and suppliers on tender basis.
  • Management and control over the construction and funding schedules on the basis of the BEXEL software and entering of adjustments.
  • Control over the delivery schedules and supply rates, as well as over the construction volume.

IV. Property management

  • Increase of income from commercial use of the facility.
  • Marketing and consulting of the facility, financial management.
  • Complete normative documentation management.
  • Cooperation with supervisory instances and administration of municipal services, site protection.
  • Maintenance and operation of facility and all of its engineering systems, schedule and periodic technical servicing.
  • Provision of touch-up of finishing and constructional elements of the building.
  • Provision of all-in-one indoor cleaning service and daily cleaning service of the surrounding area.