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Technical customer

Field inspection and commissioning of a facility


I. Pre-design and design

  • Engineering surveys task approval.
  • Evaluation of required power and obtaining of specifications for connection to municipal facilities.
  • Project approval in committees for urban development and architecture.

II. Scheduling and execution of the works

  • Obtaining of all the necessary initial permit documents and approvals.
  • Progress control over preservation of facilities designated in design documents, situated near the construction project.
  • Participating in common with representatives of construction organization in the annual inventory check of completed work (reconciliation act).
  • Work measurement and receiving of completed work from general contractor providing workmanship responds to approved design and specification, and also drawing up of pay acts.
  • Participating in external project meetings and checks, carried out by state inspection agencies and committees (administration, State Architectural-and-Constructional Surveillance Inspectorate, other superintendent and coordinate agencies).
  • Participating in certification and drawing up of acts of hidden and special works, disabling accomplishing of the following works until signing of appropriate acts.
  • Control of availability and accuracy of primary operating set of documents.

III. Commissioning of a facility

  • Organization of a reception committee.
  • Organization and control on carrying out of test of the rigged up equipment and valid presentation of results.
  • Sampling of water, air, noise measurement, as well as sampling of fallout intensity and radon evidence.
  • Obtaining of technical specifications certificates.
  • Obtaining of a permit for heating start-up.
  • Preparing of documentation which required for electric installation commissioning.
  • Obtaining of a permit for water use, water dump and waste disposal.
  • Preparing documentations of completed project for acceptance committee jointly with contractor of engineering.
  • Participating in the property developer committee in approving of completed facilities from contractor.
  • Control over corrective actions on the punch list of acceptance committees.
  • Assignment of all the documentation prepared during construction process (hidden works acts, acts of acceptance of utilities etc., including result acts) to the organization commissioning the facility.
  • Obtaining of a Technical Inventory Bureau certificate.
  • Obtaining of postal and mailing addresses.
  • Obtaining of a final check certificate.
  • Obtaining of an environmental protection certificate.
  • Obtainment of a commissioning certificate.