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Russian (CIS)

CBCE Company specializes in delivering of engineering equipment produced by world leader manufacturers

CBCE specialists’ mission is

  • To find required engineering or technological equipment in accordance with design demands.
  • To organize its purchase and delivery and as well as manufacturer’s support during installation and start-up.
  • To provide service maintenance for the equipment.

CBCE organized the delivery of the Austrian GE Energy Jenbacher gas generators to the Hochland and Ehrmann plants situated in the Moscow Region. GE Energy Jenbacher is a global leader in developing and producing of gas plunger engines for electricity generation. CBCE also delivered German Standartkessel thermal boilers and biological treatment facilities produced by Envirochemie, world’s leading manufacturer of environmental equipment.

For constructing of the Vityaz Sports Arena in Podolsk and the Vityaz Ice Arena in Chekhov, CBCE organized delivery of the equipment of Canadian Toromont CIMCO, world leader in manufacturing and exploitation of ice surfaces.