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Russian (CIS)

Resurrection of historic cities and villages based on protecting, restoring, recreating objects of cultural heritage (OCH) and involving them into economical volume

The main directions of the company’s activity

  • Historical and cultural research (HCR) for OCH (including claimed and identified) as well as for historic territories and settlements.
  • Passportization of OCH (including remarkable places and historic territories and settlements).
  • OCH monitoring.
  • Working out projects of protecting OCH and regulations of using OCH territories, projects of OCH territories’ borders, as well as projects of OCH protection zones, town-planning procedures for OCH protection zones.
  • Visual and landscape analysis of OCH.
  • Working out projects of OCH restoration and adaptation.
  • High-precision measuring of OCH for their documentation (register, insurance fund, electronic archive), for projects of OCH restoration, for defying altitude regulations for new construction or reconstruction objects.
  • Presentation projects and popularization using the methods of 3D modeling.
  • Working out strategies and target programs of historic territory and settlement development.
  • Working out schemes of territorial planning and general plans of historic territories and settlements.
  • Working out historical cultural basic plans including such for historic territories and settlements.
  • Working out projects of historical cultural frame of historic territories and settlements.
  • Working out rules of site development and land use for historic territories and settlements.
  • Working out of OCH based investment projects.
  • Management of investment projects based on OCH realization on the rights of trust manager or technical customer.

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