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Russian (CIS)

In the purpose of real estate development business, P-F DEVELOPMENT team initiates creating of own as well as partnership investment projects and carries out their full-fledged realization.

P-F DEVELOPMENT operates generally in Moscow and Moscow Region, Kiev and Minsk.


I. Land

  • Searching of the most promising ground area and negotiation with owners; supply analysis.
  • Due diligence documentation.
  • Examination of adjacent infrastructure and estimation of usage validity.
  • Limiting of use and encumbrances.
  • Evaluation of permit procedures for right of stretch use.

II. Project

  • Examination of investment future project.
  • Outline design.
  • Statement of probable construction and design cost.
  • Drafting a business plan.
  • Coordination with municipal authorities.
  • Coordination with superintendent departments.
  • Obtaining of technical conditions for connection to municipal facilities.
  • Obtaining of ground use lien.
  • Obtaining of a design certificate.

III. Funding

  • Attraction of the most profitable funding sources.

IV. Realization

  • Selection and approval of a general designer.
  • Selection and approval of a general contractor.
  • Selection and approval of a technical customer.
  • Selection and approval of a management company.

V. Management and control

  • Carrying out of construction management or selection and approval of an external agency for this purpose.

VI. Invetment prospects

  • Searching of prospective tenants or buyers, conclusion of contracts.

Additional services
Financial monitoring of investment contractual projects by control over for the construction based on control over the conformity of money expenditure to the ex post construction.

Services are available for construction managers, investors, credit organizations.